Jun 13, 2011


Actually 'pening kepala' thinking about my sweet heart 'Dania'. It was a lot of places that I visit the nursery to put 'Dania' for a while Ramadan later, but it seems all is full.
There is a nursery that I went was still empty, but the nursery did not want to take for a while..Hampehh!!
Want to send to the 'mak tok', she was a 'tukang jahit' like me too, must be too busy later in the month of Ramadan.
There have been many orders for 'raya' clothes I have received, but 'Dania' do not know where to send it again..Aiyooo..
Nobody volunteers to help keep 'Dania' later? Angkat tangan!!

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penDragon said...

kalau mama dekat wanie boleh mintak tolong mama jaga dania...