Jun 16, 2011

I'm almost there!!

I'm not fluent in English, but I'm trying to improve in this language. So, I was determined to increase the use of language because, it's the most important languages ​​in the world.
Since marriage, little by little I began to learn to speak English with my hubby either by speaking @ sms. The result is, an increase in the use of my English. To speak, may take little time because I have thought to arrange the verses, before answering the question asked. So, my hubby advised me to write each entry in this blog in English.. and now many of my entries in English.
My hubby is a teacher who will help to correct any mistakes I make sentences. There are also entries that did not get checked by my hubby, but I continue to be posted in this blog, there may be errors. For me, let me learn from every mistake now. Because I'm in the process of learning.
Hopefully I'll be fluent in the English language to use themselves, to teach my children & more easily if I want to travel anywhere outside the country.
Insyallah! will find the way..


penDragon said...

same goes to me....my EMB will LOL at me or senyum2 whenever he read my English N3. I know I know I'm not that good (sometimes I mixed it ENG-BM), but I never give a damn, we're learning rite? Good try wanie, keep it up!

wanie amerie said...

together we learn .. sometimes ashamed of their family for always speaking, want to join afraid to be laughing when they hear us talk, so good silent ..

Aku DaN SeSuAtU said...

excellent my friend..don't shy n more confident..me too..

wanie amerie said...

ila: now i realized how important of English,' dulu zaman study asyik dok nganga ja masa cikgu dok ajaq'..haha