Jun 17, 2011

A Gift From USA..

I'm very happy that got a gift from FIL & MIL who has just returned from USA. They went to USA to attend the convocation BIL(Zul) just graduated from there. At first, I & my hubby wanted to go once, but due to many factors that cause us to cancel the desire to participate. The first factor must be the money, if there requires spending a lot of money, since the end of this year we will enter a new home, necessarily require a lot of money. The second is my hubby cannot take the time off work, which takes about 2 weeks if the visit there. and thus are probably not get another chance to go there.
Despite not having a chance to get there, but we got a gift from USA .. We have found all kinds of souvenirs such as leather jackets, Levis jeans, t-shirt, mickey mouse dolls & donald duck. And do not expect when I got branded handbags 'COACH' .. Oh My God!!
Displays only part of the gift that we can from USA, because as shown for me is something special.

Leather jacket for my hubby

Dolls to Dania..
And.....Tadaa..for me

Honestly, I have never had this kind of branded handbags ..Ask any woman was, of course should know of that brand & occasionally not wait to have it. I never dreamed to have a handbag like this, and now I have it .. The price is $ 348, multiplied by 3 if our money, nearly a thousand more like in RM prices. My MIL said "the price is quite cheap there, compared to prices here".
What makes me very very happy, this is the first time I have a handbag brands and expensive like this & I getting a free,hehe rezeki2...
Thanks to FIL & MIL for buying souvenirs from USA for us. LUV BOTH OF U!! Nati beli lagik yer..muahahaha


penDragon said...

you know what, what a coincidence - your coach sebijik like mine...wahahaha...raya ni kita boria, hokey!

wanie amerie said...

ye ker k ruby..same as ur handbag, did't realize was the time I look at ur pictures. Adoii..

~IZZAH~ said...

wow, cantiknya..
amboi beraya sakan la no dgn henbeg dr US.. mmg murah la tu kalau camtu hrga kt sana.

wanie amerie said...

hehe..rezki2 nk beraya dgn beg mahai thn ni..mmg pn murah la harga tu, kalo kat sini mau nya lg sakan rega dia..

Anonymous said...

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