Apr 2, 2012

San Cora Italia Uno-awesome paint

Anyway, when we were looking for paints for our new house, I came across San Cora. 
Our house is already existing with the white paint, but we want to add to our favorite paint colors of certains spaces..It was beautiful and I told my hubby and he too was impressed with the paint. They come in two type which is uno and deux. We took uno. Deux will give you a metallic finishing and we didn’t like it very much. If you are wondering about the price, we bought it about RM270 (agak mahal). It comes with a brush and a plastic spatula that you will use after painting to even out the colour on the wall. One tong will cover about 200sqft and we painted with green moss for our one wall in living room..

By the way, its not easy to paint this by yourself. The paint comes with a CD which will teach you how to paint it. Make sure you watch it. My hubby and I paint the wall by ourselves. Every evening after hubby came home from school, we go to our new house for painting ( lepas cat balik rumah terus pengsan keletihan).
We've asked for professionals to do it but they charged about RM900 (price includes San Cora Paint) just for one wall…What the heck???!!! Nak jimat kami cat sendiri, save budget kan!..
I was shocked when they told me the price. We painted by ourselves and we are happy with the results…
To see the results, i'll update later k..

So, if you are looking anyone to paint San Cora… maybe I can come and paint at a special price… lai lai lai..…. :P

  1. Use masking tape to cover areas of the wall not to be painted.
  2. Apply on 2 coats of SANCora® ITALIA UNO Primer.
  3. Ensure the SANCora® ITALIA UNO Primer is completely dry before continuing.
  4. Using a SANCora® ITALIA Brush, apply the SANCora® ITALIA UNO Neutral Coat paint in alternating and crossing intervals over a 1-2 metre square. 
  5. Use a dry brush to regulate the painting area.
  6. After about 5-10 minutes, use the SANCora® ITALIA Spatula to smooth over the paint and obtain your desired effect.
  7. Move on to the next 1-2 metre square, repeat steps 4 & 5.
  8. Once all painting has been completed, remove masking tape. 

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